National Campaign on Reduction of Illiteracy in Afghanistan

Press Release

Monday, March 20 2017

Although there are no accurate statistics on hand, yet Afghanistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world with around 66%. According to United Nations, this rate is higher in remote and rural areas as the illiteracy rate among men is 90% and 63% among women in rural areas. Insecurities, cultural barriers, few social norms, and poverty have affected literacy rate of Afghanistan to a significant extent where illiteracy has become one of the country’s major problems at national level. 

We believe illiteracy is turning into a social disaster that requires serious attention therefore we call on every citizen to take responsibility and contribute to reduction of illiteracy in the country. 
In coordination and cooperation with CSOs, Government of Afghanistan, private sector, media, and citizens of Afghanistan, we are launching the national campaign on reduction of illiteracy today in order to motivate a national movement towards reduction of this phenomenon. 
We will undertake required actions by mobilizing existing resources within civil society, Government of Afghanistan, media and the private sector to increase literacy rate in the country. 

This national movement has three overall objectives:

  1. To promote volunteerism and a culture of fulfillment of the obligations within citizens towards country and each other;
  2. To motivate public movements for illiteracy reduction at national level; and
  3. To present capabilities of Afghans in terms of bringing positive social changes particularly to international community and to discard the claim that Afghans usually expect others to bring them a positive change

In particular no one owns this campaign and generally this campaign’s ownership belongs to all Afghan citizens. So every citizen, governmental institutions, civil society activists and organizations, local and national media, associations, and the private sector can have a leading role in this campaign considering their capabilities and can play a vital role accordingly in succeeding this national campaign. 

First phase of this campaign will last for one year and we will be running action oriented campaign throughout the year while the campaign will continue in next years based on our experience and lessons learned from the first year. 

The official logo of the campaign is at the top of this press release with its slogan “Read Afghanistan” written on it.

As pointed our earlier, everyone can take part in this campaign and contribute to reduction of illiteracy in Afghanistan although the logo and slogan of this campaign; “our aim is to improve literacy skills of one Afghan by another Afghan” should be considered on all the materials that interested campaigners would publish, while they can add their own organization/company’s logo as well.  

Therefore, we call on all the Afghans in general and in particular on Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan - especially relevant ministries, CSOs, the private sector, and media to actively participate in the campaign and become part of this national movement. 

It is worth to mention that this is a national movement and all the activities under this campaign will be undertaken voluntarily and by financial support of Afghans only. In addition, no one has the right to raise funds from any donor agency under the name or title of this campaign for any purpose. 

For further information, please contact:

  1. Mr. Hamid Zazai at 0788201297
  2. Mr. Khalil Raufi at 0799282996
  3. Ms. Najiba Ayubi at 0799329832
  4. Mr. Abdullah Ahmadi at 0700294693