Financing for Development Conference

Finance Our Future

The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) in Addis on 13th-16th July is a crucial step in the journey to strong, implementable development and climate agreements. It is a chance to get the financial system and the money in place to make change happen. It is an opportunity to ensure that world leaders know the world is watching and demanding they take action.

Afghanistan as one of the Least Developed Countries, needs to finance development more than many countries in the world. In spite of billions of dollars aids the country received from international community, yet it is lagging in many development sectors at the national level.

Therefore, Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) in coordination and cooperation of action/2015 (Global Movement) had organized a conference on Financing for Development today - Saturday, July-11-2015 in Kabul, exactly two days before the International Financing for Development Conference in Ethiopia. The organizers of this conference in Kabul stated that they had organized the conference for three objectives:

  1. To officially submit a Key National Development Needs Package to Afghan government officials so they would consider that while participating in third FfD Conference in Ethiopia and UN General Assembly-September, 2015.
  2. To know the commitment of Afghan government in terms of setting Sustainable Development Goals having the golden opportunities in two upcoming UN summits, considering their Afghanistan’s national development needs.
  3. To let Afghan government know that Afghan Civil Society Organizations are watching them and will take them to account for the promises they are going to make in the third Financing for Development Conference in Ethiopia and two upcoming UN summits.

In this conference the Director General for Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs discussed SDGs and The Way Ahead for Afghanistan where Director General for Policy and Program Implementation of Ministry of Finance delivered his speech on Post 2015- Financing for Development Results in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Fahim Hakim past deputy of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Civil Society Activist introduced Key National Development Needs of Afghanistan and said: Education, Eradication of Poverty and Agriculture are the most important development sectors in Afghanistan which could not be replaced with any other development sector in the country.

At the end of this conference civil society activists submitted a National Development Needs Package to official representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan and asked them to consider these national development needs while adopting and setting Sustainable Development Goals for Afghanistan.


Notes to editors

Please contact Ahmad Abid Humayun the Communications Officer from Sanayee Development Organization on, 0093-7862-30-744 for details of Financing for Development Conference in Kabul, or for any other questions.

The conference is going to take place at Kabul Star Hotel, Zanbaq Square, on Saturday, July-11-2015 from 05:00pm to 08:00pm.

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