Sanayee Development Organization Moves a Step Forward

Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) has successfully passed Afghan Institute for Civil Society (AICS) Certification Program which is an independent certificate for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that are recognized by the Government, the private sector, donor agencies and civil society of Afghanistan.

This awarded certificate to SDO was for best practice award in Human Resources, Project Management and Program Delivery. This achievement was like a challenge task between CSOs to show their potentials and active roles in support for the development of Afghanistan.

AICS programme for the first time launched by Agha Khan Foundation (AKF) Afghanistan in January 2014 through a partnership between AKF and Counterpart International under a wider USAID funded Afghanistan Civic Engagement Programme (ACEP) with the long-term goal to raise credibility of the civil society sector, systematize capacity building efforts of local organizations, and strengthen the role of civil society in Afghanistan’s development.

AICS’s mandate is to support a credible and competent civil society sector in Afghanistan by linking CSOs, donors, government and capacity building services through culturally appropriate certification schemes. This Institute encourages the growth of a vibrant civil society, promoting pluralism, participatory and non-discriminatory development in Afghanistan.

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