Happy International Women’s Day (Women Complements Humanity)

8th March is named as International Women’s Day by United Nations. It is celebrated by governments, Non-Government Organizations, citizens, Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights and Women Rights activists across the globe every year. 8th March was celebrated as International Women’s Day for the first time in 1911.

Gender based discriminations, violence, lack of access to education and healthcare services, unequal role in political and economic processes are the major obstacles against welfare and safe living for women in the world and especially Afghanistan.

Thus, Sanayee Development Organization (SDO), Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC), Community Center for Disables (CCD), Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN), Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace (CLIP), Afghanistan Center for Training and Development (ACTD), Public Awareness Time-Hour Organization (PATH-O), Afghan Women Resource Center (AWRC) and BEST celebrate this precious international day and congratulate this day to women across the globe, especially our mothers and sisters in Afghanistan and wish them many successes and achievements in all walks of life.

Sanayee Development Organization (SDO) in cooperation with more than 10 Afghan Civil Society Organizations recommends to the Afghan Government of their serious attention to the Afghan Women in the following areas:

  • Afghan Women’s access to basic and higher education
  • Removal of all kinds of violence against Afghan Women
  • Delivery of healthcare services
  • Strengthening of Afghan Women from political and economic point of view
  • Banning forced marriages, underage marriages and tradition of Bad
  • Passing of clear laws for Afghan Women’s safety and their access to all basic and civil rights
  • Efficient utilization from two United Nations Meetings for strengthening of Afghan Women from political and economic point of view in the current year

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