Statement by AGCSC Condemning Recent Terrorist Attacks around the World

Afghanistan Global Civil Society Consortium (AGCSC)

International and National media have reported 144 terrorist incidents that have taken place around the world from July 1st to 23rd 2016. Reports show that Iraq is on the top of terrorist incidents list for suffering most of the attacks during the current month while Afghanistan and even countries like France, Germany, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and USA with many other countries have witnessed at least one terrorist attack in July 2016. This once again approves that terrorist groups and their members do not belong to any specific race and religion nor they target any particular group of people.

On July 23rd, two suicide bombers attacked a peaceful demonstration in Kabul, where Afghan citizens were enjoying their citizenship rights based on Afghan constitution and civic code of the country and demanding for a major electricity line to be routed through Bamiyan province. The incident killed over 80 people and injured more than 300 protesters and Islamic State has claimed the responsibility for this suicide bombing.

Afghanistan Global Civil Society Consortium condemns all these odious attacks on innocent civilians around the world and offers its condolences to the families of the victims and wishes quick recovery for the wounded.

AGCSC even encourages CSOs around the world to raise their voices against these terrorist acts in a more unified and organized manner and calls for joint stand and efforts in order to save hundreds of lives that are exposed to identical incidents, otherwise it’s a major concern that our world and the humanity would increasingly suffer from consequences of continuing terrorist incidents.

About Afghanistan Global Civil Society Consortium – AGCSC

Established in June 2016, Afghanistan Global Civil Society Consortium is comprised of 25 well known Afghan CSOs that have been serving Afghan communities for decades through their engagement in various fields and different sectors. AGCSC many member organizations themselves are network entities with covering hundreds of other CSOs under their umbrella that strengthens AGCSC in terms of coverage, representation and community outreach.

The aim of AGCSC is to; 1) Unify voices of Civil Society Organizations at regional and international levels, 2) Connect Afghan CSOs to regional and international CSOs and establish effective linkages among and within them and 3) Persuade all CSOs to work in coalitions, alliances and networks for better performance and more efficient efforts. AGCSC is currently member of many regional and international CSOs’ networks such as; Global Call to Action against Poverty - GCAP, Social Watch, LDC Watch, South Asian Alliance for Poverty Eradication- SAAPE, Asia Pacific – Regional Civil Society Organizations Engagement Mechanism – AP-RCEM and many other where AGCSC actively contributes towards achievement of their overall objectives and establishment of effective linkages among CSOs around the world.