Capacity Building Department (CBD) is one of the basic departments of SDO. From inception, SDO has worked for capacity building of organization and individuals in different levels. Since 1999 many workshops such as Peace Building, Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Do No Harm, Community Mobilization, Gender, Training of Trainers (TOT), Monitoring and Evaluation and many more have been conducted for different levels through Education and Peace Building programs. These workshops took place in more than 12 provinces of Afghanistan.

CBD has was officially established in February 2004 in Kabul. From its beginning it upholds the mission and goals of (SDO) to contribute positively to the rehabilitation and development process in Afghanistan. At initial stage of this department, national and international staff of SDO worked basically to developed strategies and manuals for CBD by using International resources. After that the staff of CBD developed materials for many workshops by using different resources.

Now CBD has the ability to conduct more than 24 different workshops by its qualified and expert staff for different levels. Since it establishment, more than 60 different workshops have conducted by CBD for more than 27 national and international organizations in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan. Conducted workshops were appreciated by participants and their organizations. SDO has good position among training organizations in Afghanistan.


2. Goal and Objectives:


To improve the knowledge of National and International staff of different organizations, on different issues and provide facilities for their Professional knowledge on development of their on going tasks.    


  • To improve the skills and abilities of governmental and non governmental organizations’ staff through providing staff development opportunities, training courses and workshops
  • To enhance conflict resolution skills to uphold peace building at the micro and macro levels
  • To provide opportunities for SDO staff, individuals, governmental departments and other organizations to access the comprehensive resources for development
  • To provide training, in the longer term, for other organizations in Afghanistan

3. Description and Methodology:

Participatory Methods are used during the whole training process. Each session is built upon the previous one, bringing participants from a basic awareness of the concepts to the end through actual practical application. The participants work practically on cases at group work. The workshop provides a facilitative learning environment conducive to any organization through using highly participative and interactive discussions, oriented methodologies.

Normally these methods are used:

Question and answering, discussions, group work, brainstorming, snowballing, case studies, role plays, lecture and PowerPoint presentations

01 02
The Training Process at SDO Training Hall


4. CBD staff:

The CBD has qualified staff that work permanently in the department. They work to provide updated materials and design workshops by using international resources. They have enough experience regarding training issues and they have the abilities to conduct workshops for different levels.

In additions, CBD has 11 trainers that work in six provinces of Afghanistan. They have experience to conduct capacity building workshops and implement other development projects too. So far, they have delivered several workshops and training to governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Capacity Building Key Staff





Mohammad Kabir Rahimyar

CB Manager


Ali Ahamad Shirzai

CB Trainer


Raz Mohammad Seroosh

CB Trainer

5. CBD Workshops Beneficiaries:

CBD is conducting capacity building workshops for national and international organizations, as well as for governmental staff and individuals. The beneficiaries are selected by their organizations and introduced to the workshops. CBD designs the workshops according to the need and expectations of beneficiaries. They can be in different levels such as Head of Departments, Project Managers, Projects Operational Staff and Individuals.

More than 400 staff of 27 organizations directly benefitted from 18 different workshops, conducted by CBD in 2007. About 300 people form 30 organizations benefited from CBD workshops since beginning of 2008.

About 32 Nomad (Kochies leaders) and 32 Suburban (Hazara Leaders) benefited from 3  / 6 day peace building workshops  conducted at SDO in March and April 2008.

About 200 staff of different departments of SDO benefited from 10 workshops of CBD during the 2006 – 2007.

Pictures of the participants of Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop At
Yard of SDO
Main office, Kabul


6. CBD Workshops:

Presently SDO can offer the following packages to its partners and all Governmental and Non Governmental, National and International Organizations. The duration for each workshop is different. The details for each workshop are listed bellow:

1. Principles of Management: (5 days)

The workshop consists of new Methods for Principles of management that include managerial functions and managerial skills. It is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals working together in groups, effectively to accomplish selected aims. Since people couldn’t achieve as individuals managing has been essential to ensure the coordination of individual efforts.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • The importance of management.
  • Level of management.
  • Managerial skills.
  • Managerial function.
  • Goals and Objectives.
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Office management.
  • Time management.
  • Action Plan


2. Do No Harm (4 days)

The Do No Harm (DNH) workshop seeks to identify the ways in which humanitarian and development assistance given in conflict settings, may be provided so that rather than exacerbating and worsening the conflict, it helps local people disengage from fighting and develop systems for settling the problems which prompt conflict within their societies


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Case study.
  • Do No Harm Framework.
  • Dividers.
  • Connectors.
  • Assistance Programs.
  • Resources and Transferring Aids
  • Non intentionally messages
  • Designing the projects with out Harms
  • Programming Alternative.


3. Project Management (3 days)

Project management is seen as a set of techniques based on the accepted principles of management used for planning, estimating and controlling work activities to obtain the project objectives and get positive result on time. Within budget and specification, Project management brings together and optimizes the resource to complete the project successfully. Those resources include the skills, talents and cooperative efforts to a team of people, facilities, tools, equipments and information system.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Project Definition.
  • Difference between program and project.
  • Goals and Objectives.
  • Project, program and policy.
  • Project cycle.
  • Project and Participation.
  • Project Analyses
  • Practical works
  • Preparation of Action plan.


4. Community Mobilization (3 days)

We will define Community Mobilization as a process whereby a group of people have transcended their difference to meet an equal terms in order to facilitate a participatory decision- making process. In other words, it can be viewed as a process which begins a dialogue among members of the community to determine what, and how issues are decided.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Community Definition.
  • Community Based Organization.
  • Community mobilization
  • Community Behavior
  • Participatory Plan.
  • Supervision and Monitoring.
  • Problem tree
  • Sustainability Analysis.
  • Responsibilities of local councils
  • Communication.


5. Leader ship (5 days)

All organization needs managers as well as leaders. Without strong manager, the organization risks descending in to chaos, but without effective leaders the organization becomes lethargic and fails to evolve. Unfortunately, all the organization has less leadership talent than they need (and less than they believe they have). Often the executives are assumed to be leaders by virtue of having the right title of position. And if those people manage where they ought to be leading, the results will be mediocre at best.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Ideas on leadership
  • Leadership roles
  • The Qualities of successful leaders.
  • Sectors that need for active leader.
  • Definition for leadership.
  • Leadership characteristics.
  • General characteristics for leader.
  • Self awareness.
  • Leading and Managing
  • Trust making


6. Gender (3 days)

The workshop focuses on participation of men and women in a society.

The biological difference between men and women do not normally change; people are either male or female, however the characteristics they are perceived to have, the roles and responsibilities will be assigned to them.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Gender introduction.
  • Gender Basic.
  • Difference between Gender and Sex
  • General needs of women.
  • Gender Concern of Women.
  • Analysis of Gender Issues.
  • Gender Discriminator.
  • The role of Gender.
  • Gender through the angle of Development.
  • Balance between men and women.
  • Interlinks between men and Women.
  • Women status in worldwide
  • Women status in the backward countries.


7. Training of Trainers TOT (3 days)

The course will focus on methods to transfer the skill and knowledge for adult during the end of course. The participant will enhance to realize the difference between Pedagogy and Endragogy.  During the TOT course the participant will learn how and when to plan the workshop. There are some basic questions that need to be asked such as; what the participants’ backgrounds are? What they expect from the training? What skills and knowledge we want to pass to them? It is important to start the process of training with the needs of trainees.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

§         The importance of TOT

§         Objectives of training.

§         Principles of Enderagogy.

§         Duration of training

§         Need assessment for training.

§         Course design.

§         Lesson plan.

§         Training Methods.

§         Case study.

§         Follow up


8. Feedback (3 days)

The workshop is generally focusing on methods and skills of feedback and its positive and negative affects on both feedback giver and receiver. Feedback giving and receiving are skills that can be learned through the same workshop (s). It can positively contribute to the team building and its positive effects can be easily seen amongst the employees as well.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Definition of Feedback
  • Feedback in Islam
  • Specifications for the good and positive Feedback
  • Role of Feedback in development.
  • Feedback skills
  • Feedback methods
  • Giving Feedback
  • Three important factors of Feedback
  • When and where the feedback should take place.
  • Advantage  of Feedback
  • Kinds of Feedback
  • Practical works



9. HIV/AIDS Awareness (2 days):

HIV/AIDS is the biggest threat against the Human life. Through this workshop the necessary knowledge and the ways of safety could be learned.

The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Life on the earth
  • Viruses
  • What is HIV?
  • What is AIDS?
  • External shape of HIV
  • Internal structure of HIV
  • Who curry HIV/AIDS?
  • How does the HIV spreads?
  • How the HIV does not spreads?
  • Signs of the disease
  • Diagnoses
  • Testing
  • Life cycle of HIV

10. Human Resource Management (4days):

Staffing is now being approached in a holistic manner by progressive organizations. Executives realize hiring talented people is fruitless, unless employee needs are developed. Employees are rewarded for their efforts and like all precious assets, they are retained. They also realize the quality of the individual hired and level of "fit" between the individual and that particular job will determine the difficulty of effort required to develop, reward, and retain. Considering only one or two elements of this strategic objective alone is foolhardy because each is interrelated. One affects the other. People are vital for the effective operation of a company. Managers often say that people are the most important asset.

The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Classification HRM Goals.
  • Skills and personal characteristics needed for HR Managers.
  • Matching qualification with position(s) required.
  • Position required and job design.
  • Recruitment.
  • Selection.
  • Interview.
  • Test.
  • Challenges against HR Management.
  • Trainings
  • Organizational commitment.
  • Appraisal and feedback

11. Good Governance (3 days):

This workshop is focusing and concentrating to be able to build and prepare a workable and useful environment of job, increase trust and organizational commitment as well as to achieve the goals through appropriate and useful ways.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Definitions to the good governance
  • Three perspectives of good governance.
  • Characteristics of good governance.
  • Participation.
  • Consensus oriented.
  • Accountability.
  • Transparency.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Affectivity and efficiency.
  • Follows of the law.
  • Legitimacy.
  • Good governance in Islamic point of view.
  • Key factors of good governance.
  • The six components of good governance.
  • Decentralization and devolution.


12. Health Education (3 days):

The workshop is a part of endeavors and efforts to raise awareness about the health and environment protection as well as concentrate and focusing on how to prevent and treat some diseases using the available traditional methods and facilities.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Prevention of Communicable Diseases.
  • Epidemics
  • Specific Diseases.
  • The ways of prevention.
  • Traditional treatment.
  • ORS and its preparation.
  • ARI Diseases.
  • Malaria.
  • Birth spacing.
  • Drug usage and its negative effects.
  • Attention and care of Children.
  • Personal and environmental health care.


13. Peace Building (6 days):

This workshop is focusing on conflict and transformation of conflict to peace. It is useful to get the knowledge and skills of conflict resolution and conflict analyzing. This workshop is designed according Islam point of view and Afghan culture. Traditional examples, case studies, role plays and practical works, will make the workshop useful and interesting.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Conflict
  • Conflict analyzing tools
  • Kinds of conflict
  • Violence / kinds of violence
  • Causes of conflict
  • Prejudice
  • Imagination
  • Kinds of personality
  • Communication
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Reconciliation
  • Arbitration
  • Five methods of conflict resolution
  • Peace / Kinds of peace / peace process
  • Practical plan


14. Monitoring and Evaluation: (4 days)

This workshop is designed to control the activities according to the plan. Because these are the tools by which we can recognize that we planed. And we can offer for improvement of the deviations. Practical works, case studies and role plays will be the important parts of this workshop.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Monitoring.
  • Kinds of monitoring
  • Design of Monitoring system
  • Indicators
  • Analyzing information about indicators
  • Kinds of indicators
  • Methods for data collection
  • Evaluation
  • Steps of evaluation
  • Project cycle
  • Designing of  evaluation system
  • Goals and objectives
  • Information analysis
  • Managing of the data.


15. Planning: (3 days)

Planning is an important section of Management. The participants will know about basics of planning and its importance. This workshop will help the participants to make different and effective plans. At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • How a plan should be?
  • Importance of the planning process
  • Preparing a plan
  • Planning in an organization
  • Types of plan
  • Planning and its larger context
  • Analyzing  the situation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Establishment of strategies to reach goals
  • Basic terms in planning
  • Practicing to make plans


16. Proposal Writing: (3 days)

This workshop will help the participants to know the importance of funding proposal. All parts of a proposal will be under discussions. A Dari format for proposal will be used in group works and the participants will make proposal in local language. The important points of these proposals will be explained to all participants.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Introduction of funding proposal
  • Eleven Steps of proposal writing
  • Business Proposal Follow-Up Tips
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Clientele and Methods
  • Staff/Administration.
  • Available Resources.
  • Personnel and facilities.
  • Equipment. / Supplies and Communication.
  • Budget.
  • Evaluation plan.


17. Report Writing: (3 days)

The participants will learn about importance and kinds of report writing and they will take part practically in report writing. Different formats for reporting will be used during the workshop.


The main topics for this workshop are listed bellow:

  • Goals of report writing
  • Definitions
  • Importance of a  report
  • Kinds of report
  • General information about the reports
  • Details about report.
  • Different  parts of a report
  • Using of pictures, charts, tables etc in reports
  • Summary and executive summary
  • Writing style
  • Reference: and annexes
  • List of Glossary


  1. CBD Handouts:

All CBD workshops have complete handouts in Dari and English languages. The handouts cover all sessions and importance of workshops and training. They have been translated from different English and Dari books and websites. The CBD staff have worked on them and added good traditional examples for better understanding. The handouts will gave the reader a complete thought about each workshop. After completion of each workshop, the hard copy of handouts will be distributed to the participants on closing day of the workshop.

View of CBD Handouts for Different Workshops

7. Workshops Delivered To:

Following are the organizations which CBD has delivered training workshops based on their requests:


  1. Concern International
  2. Independent Human Rights Commissions of Afghanistan
  3. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
  4. Ministry of Refugees and Returnees
  5. Provincial Authorities of 12 provinces
  6. Ministry of Communication
  7. UNHCR
  8. MALTESER International
  9. Save the Children Japan SCJ
  10. GRSP
  11. CARE-International
  12. P.H.O
  13. German Agro Action
  14. Solidarity Afghan Belgium (SAB)
  15. USAID
  16. National Assembly
  17. Children in Crisis (CIC)
  18. UN- habitat
  19. NCA
  20. DACAAR
  21. Mission East
  22. Action Aid
  23. CHA
  24. CRS
  25. AWDIHA
  26. Jica
  27. And more


The workshops were delivered to the mentioned organizations in Kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan.

9. Policy and Procedure:

SDO is conducting capacity building workshops for National and International organizations as will as for governmental staff and individuals.


Workshops at SDO Training Hall:

SDO has the facilities to conduct the workshops at its Training Hall in Kabul. The organizations which need the training will sign the agreement and sends their staff to attend the workshop. There is no exact number for the participants of these of workshops, but they should not be more than 25 people. All necessities of the workshop such as stationary, handouts, refreshment, lunch and training hall will be provided by SDO.

06 05
Views of training at SDO Training Hall

Workshops outside SDO:

SDO delivers workshops outside SDO according to the need of the organizations. In this case all necessities of the workshop will be provided by the organizations who propose the training. SDO will provide training material and sends the trainers to conduct the workshop.

14 13
Views of training at APAP office and Library of Afghanistan Parliament for the staff of Upper Houses

Workshops at SDO by Announcement:

These of workshops will be announced by SDO 10 days before the opining day of the workshop through ACBAR organization. The duration and date for the workshops will be fixed. All necessities of the workshop will be provided by SDO. Those who want to attend these workshops will read the announcement and fill out the registration forms and send them to SDO before the opening day of the workshop. If any organization introduces their 4 staff to the workshop, one of them will be free.

12 11
Views of closing day of a workshop at SDO Training Hall

Outcomes of CBD:

CBD has delivered more than 33 different workshops since January 2007 to July 2008. The workshops conducted by CBD were well-received and well-appreciated by organizations. The staff of CBD has officially received Appreciation Cards several times from most of organizations. Some of them are listed bellow:


-    Ministry of Communication,

-    Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation,

-    Ministry of Refugees,

-    German Agro Action,

-    USAID,

-    Recently from National Assembly of Afghanistan for delivering great and effective one month training for their staff.

11 10
Views of closing ceremony of workshop at Afghanistan Parliament Meeting Hall and Appreciating of CBD staff for delivering effective training


Peace Building Workshops:

CBD has conducted 2 / 6 day peace building workshops for Nomad (Kochies) and Suburban (Hazara) Leaders at SDO’s Training hall in Kabul. In the second round the representatives of both ethnics attended in the 6- day peace building workshops jointly in one training hall at SDO. It paved the ground to discuss and get enough information about each others’ lives and problems. They worked as friends during the 6 days of the workshop, suggested some solutions for their problems. They found out the cause of the conflict between them.

09 08
Views of Peace Building Workshop for Hazara and Kochis Leaders who jointly participated the workshop for six days at SDO Training Hall


Appreciation letters


Provincial Council

Information and Public Awareness Directorate

Editors Department


Appreciation Letter

We hereby would like to express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication of Mr. Mohammad Kabir Rahimyar, Capacity Building Trainer of Sanayee Development Organization (SDO), for his successful conducting of the Management Course. The course established a path for developing sound and transparent management for the effective performance of daily duties.

We wish him further successes from God in his further endeavors.

Best Regards,

Mohammad Sarwar Sedaqat

Edit Officer of Information and Public Awareness Directorate





Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Communications

Appreciation Letter  

To: Mr. Mohammad Kabir Rahimyar
The Executive Board of Ministry of Communications would like to express appreciation for the respective efforts for conducting the Governance and Peace Workshop. We wish him further successes from God in his future duties.  Moreover, the Executive Board expresses its appreciation to Sanayee Development Organization (SDF).

Best Regards,
Eng. Hamidullah Qalandarzai
Administrative Assistant of Ministry of Communications





Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Ministry of Communications

Appreciation Letter
27. Apr. 2005

To: Sanayee Development Organization (SDO)

We hereby would like to express appreciation the Respectful Trainer of SDO for his efforts for conducting a high quality 4-day Workshop of Leadership (24 Apr- 27 Apr 2005) for the staff of Ministry of Communications.

We wish SDO further successes toward capacity building and training the Afghan society which could cause more development and prideful opportunities for the current generation and for the tomorrow’s generation as a result.

Best Regards,
Eng. Hamidullah Qalandarzai
Administrative Assistant of Ministry of Communications




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